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Art on the shores of Lake Chapala, Mexico

Living on the shores of Lake Chapala stirred a love of art, unlike anything I previously experienced. Generally, I am attracted to words and sound. I read and listen to music voraciously. While I always appreciated the visual arts, I did not go out of my way to discover new forms or to understand the process of creating the pieces. However, my husband and daughter are visual artists and have taught me to pause, look deeper, and see more than I could in the past.

And then we moved to Mexico! I already described the soundtrack of Mexico; I will let the images speak for themselves.

Street Art

Art infuses every place you look in Mexico ­– sidewalks, doors, windows, alleyways, and even on trees. In comparison, much of the rest of the world seems afraid of color.

Guadalahara St ArtAjijic St Art 4Ajijic Tree SculptureAjijic St Art 3Ajijic DoorAjijic St ArtAjijic St Art 2

Working artists

Along Lake Chapala, there is not a shortage of art shows. They are often advertised on flyers around town, Facebook events, or you may just happen upon one by walking around town. There are also many galleries where you can pop in and talk to the artists while they work.

Feria Maestros del Arte, Chapala, Mexico

Feria Maestros del Arte is a non-profit that hosts an annual an event to showcase some of the most amazing folk artists from Mexico. On this occasion, we couldn’t resist temptation. We bought two pieces of art, even though we have no permanent home in which to display them. Both pieces are now traveling around with us!

Chapala Art Show purchase
Isabel Mendoza’s follows a traditional straw art form developed by her grandfather. You can visit her studio in Guadalajara! Or contact her directly at [email protected]
Chapala Art Show
Miguel Fabián Pedro from Oaxaca. He is a 4th generation potter. His work is inspired by the Mesoamerican cultures of the Mixtecs and Zapotec.

Artist at work

While walking along the cobblestone streets of Ajijic, I caught a glimpse of magical colorful beauty. When I peeked into his studio Efran Gonazalez graciously invited us in, even though he was preparing for a huge show in Austin, Texas.

Artist At Work
Efran working on a painting of his daughter. He said this is the first time she has modeled for him.
Artists Work In Progress
This was my favorite piece. It captures the feeling of market day perfectly. And makes me wish I had a wall to put it on!
Artists Studio
More pieces getting ready to head to Austin for the big show!


Malecòn in Jocotepac

The malecòn in Jocotepac is a lovely way to spend a few hours. Families take full advantage of the shade trees, grills, and even the exercise equipment that is scattered throughout the adjacent park. As you stroll through the park we were also surprised by incredible sculptures many inspired by the Indigenous culture of the area.

Aztec ArtAztec HeadAjijic Malecon


Chapala also offers a beautiful malecón, great spots to eat, and of course more art. I found this sculpture particularly mesmerizing.

Chapala Malecon


Although a little north of Lake Chapala, I cannot exclude the museums and art found in Guadalajara. There is so much to absorb, it would take days if not weeks to take it all. Here are a few favorites from the Museum of Arts: University of Guadalajara.


Jose Clemente Orozco is credited for the Mexican Mural Renaissance (along with Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros). This dome is a stunning example of his work!
Gudalahara Musem Art
Unfortunately, I did not note the name of this artist. But the museum features many contemporary artists. I am fascinated by seeing the contrasts and similarities between the ancient art, folk art, and modern art in Mexico.


What else can I say about the art of Mexico? Besides – VIVA MEXICO! I am in love!


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  1. How beautiful and colorful! Mexico certainly is colorful but I wouldn’t go so far as to say the rest of the world isn’t as well. We’ve been to some amazing places with just as much color like Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Italy – even London (depends on the neighborhood here). Of course, here in the US, many places are less colorful but even here you can find it – when you’re looking. Recently we went to a neighborhood here in Denver that is seeing an art revival. It’s mostly Latin populated and the art and color are amazing 🙂 Keep seeing the color and I look forward to enjoying more of your findings as you travel!

    1. So now we must make a mission to find color! Good to hear it’s out there because leaving this behind is getting harder each day!

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