Rescued by Love

I was awakened by hot, fetid breath on my face. I was afraid to open my eyes. My heartbeat pulsed loudly in my ears. I was immobilized by panic. I tried to force my eyes open as my face dampened from the moisture of the heavy panting. I sensed a large animal was on top of me, but I had no idea what kind. Suddenly, I felt something tightening around my neck. Sharp claws dug slowly into my skin. To no avail, I kicked frantically and tried to get out from under the creature. In the faint light offered by the waning moon, I caught sight of some features of a man and others of an animal. The creature had a mane of long graying human-like hair, but its face and body were covered with coarse fur. It had a long snout and dripping wet nose. It was larger than the black bears that lived in the mountains behind our house. …

Finding obscured beauty

I dragged myself up the steep mountainside. Fake it until you make it and pretend everything is ok, I told myself. I immediately regretted wearing sandals. Why do hiking sandals even exist? Hot jagged rocks kept poking the bottoms of my feet. I was exhausted. I was still adjusting to single parenting. The sun was oppressive as it roasted my long black hair. I was lost in thought, worrying about her future (our future). I wanted my daughter to have a great weekend, and to forget her dad was gone forever. She insisted on wearing a red and white checked sundress with a watermelon slice applique on the front. I told her she should change into something more practical. She asserted that she “wanted to be fancy” even while hiking. …

The Mystical Drummer

His hands drop playfully to stroke the head

The emotional flare bursting to ignition

Each strike precise ta-ta-ta-tata-ta

The sticks penetrate the air as mystically as a Hummingbirds wings ...

Tears no longer reign

No matter how hard you try
The truth you cannot hide

It’s all been done before
Your pain brings forth more

Abused Misunderstood Rejected Used

The tears no longer reign ...


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