Robin Harwick, Ph.D.

“Perhaps, part of reclaiming our power is allowing ourselves to take up space in our own lives” 

I am a scholar, writer, and consultant dedicated to improving the lives of
youth and families through research, teaching, & service.
I am also the founder and director of The Pearl Remote Democratic High SchooL

Dr Robin Harwick
Do You Wonder

What I Do?


Qualitative Research, Program Development, Fidelity of Implementation, Professional Development

Online Training

Online training for foster parents/caregivers, social workers, and educators

The Pearl

We offer a personally relevant and student-centered educational experience for young people anywhere in the world.

Books & Essays

Books, journals, and essays!

Short Stories & Poetry

Links to short stories and poetry

Academic Publications

Academic works in the fields of child welfare, disability, education, cannabis, and substance use disorders


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